One to one personal martial arts sessions, fitness training and assessments are also available.  This is for competitors who may want to get "match fit" or for non-martial artists who want to get in shape!


The fitness assessments allow for meningful measurement of what needs to be improved and how effectinge training has been!


There will be training programme templates available on this page that can be used and adapted.  For more info please contact 07593621139

Level four REPS training can be provided.
Level four REPS training can be provided.
Training recognised by the national Strength and Conditioning Association is available
Training recognised by the national Strength and Conditioning Association is available
Four week programme
This is a downloadable four week training plan. It would suit a traditional karateka. It is three times per week and it requires some basic gym equipment. Good luck with it and I hope it works!!!
Karate training programme.ods
Open Office Spreadsheet 15.5 KB


The video clip above shows kettlebell swings.  This mode of training is excellent in that it is time efficient, gives an excellent cardiovascular response and is superb for martial artists!


Note how that on the video the exercise is hip dominant in that the knees do not bend or squat.  This posterior chain of muscles, those on the back of the body are hugely important for performance.  This is as opposed to the anterior chain of muscles, those on the front of the body which are more for aesthetics, how things look!

Plyometric training & Demo

THis is a short clip and demo of plyometric exercise - this is extremely useful for martial arts, karate-do, judo or any athletic endevour for that matter.  we already use it in our training in the dojo, especially on the judo tatami.  Those of you who attend the dojo at Newcastle college will have done this type of training before but perhaps with medicine balls!  Those who have not experienced this - give it a try!  It can help your performance loads if you are a competitor or training to challenge yourself!

Tyre Training

This is the Wa Shin Kan seniors doing some conditioning training.  very functional exercise as well as mentally challenging!

Some excellent training ideas from the IYCA!  See how useful they are for martial arts!

Some power training ideas from IYCA - we use a lot of them at Wa Shn Kan Dojo.  Sandbells have been used to some good effec at the College dojo and with our Judoka.