Karate at Wa Shin Kan

The karate section of Wa Shin Kan practices traditional Shotokan karate-do. We are members of the British Combat Karate Association. We strive to make our karate training practical and we study the application of the traditional kata.

The youngest members we are five with no upper age limit to train. Families train together - it is a great activity to do together.

Karate-do practice usually consists of practice of kihon (basic training), kata (prearranged forms) and kumite (sparring).


At Wa Shin Kan dojo we adhere to this practice but in addition we look at impact training so that our form has function.


Also we study bunkai, the application of the traditional forms. Once again, we try to make sure the form and movement has some function so there is some continuity to our practice 


There is opportunity for those that are interested in the competition aspect of karate to take part also. This is not a major focus if Wa Shin Kan dojo though.