Within this section there will be some links to YouTube clips, articles and notes that can help training and study of martial arts.  Please use these as a supplement and not a replacement to your training.  In addition you will also be able to find admin points such as licence renewal forms and course and championships entry details.  Please keep in touch with club instructors for further details at dojo sessions.

BBJA list of events

This is the list of events as far as judo goes this year!  Please make sure all licences are up to date and training is being done to ensure your skills, fitness and conditioning are all up to standard!

BBJA calander
List of events for Judo for 2018
BBJA calendar of events 2018x.pdf
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Entry Forms for the February Judo Championships.

This is the entry form for the Judo event on 4th Feb.  Please download and print and bring to the dojo in advance of entry along with your valid licence.

Feb Judo competition
BBJAFeb 18 Championship letter.pdf
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Busen Judo Licence
This is the BBJA licence application form. Please make sure you keep your licence up to date for gradings, championships and being licenced to train!!!
Judo application form.pdf
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This kata comes into the grading syllabus at 8th kyu, so students who are testing for yellow belt need to be able to perform this kata proficently.  There are lots of kokutsu dachi and shuto uke and side snap kick and front kick appear in this kata as well as the reverse hip position gyaku hanmi.  Please use this video as an addition to dojo training.



Nage No Kata, the kata of throws.  This is essential knowledge in Busen Judo!  This video is a good reference point.


This is one of the basic shotokan kata.  Students have to demonstratre this at 6th kyu for grading examinations - but is must not be forgotten!


It has the most kicking techniques of the heian series and a lot of back stances.  There is a longer embusen too compared to other Heian kata.


This is the last in the Heian series and is studies at 5th kyu, testing for 4th kyu.  there are a lot of techniques in this kata that appear in more advanced ones making this kata quite a valuable learning tool.



This is some action from the 2011 JKS world champioships.  Club instructor is competing against the then European champion Andrey Medvedev of the Ukraine.